CVCWCA on Facebook!

Thanks to Robyn Bradshaw and Joyce Hann, the CVCWCA has a Facebook page. Visit us today for up-to-date information, and become a friend!  Go HERE.

CVCWCA Caps & Patches!

Dave Garnett maintains a supply of CVCWCA caps and patches! These have the club logo as shown on this page, which David personally designed some years ago. Cost is $17.00 for hats with patches sewn on. $5.00 for patches alone.  See David at the next meeting!

Upcoming CVCWCA Programs for 2024!

January 23 - Ran Hundley will speak on Recovering Rare Sharpshooter Bullets.

February 27 -  Jack Mountcastle will present Riding the Rails to War and will explain the role and importance of railroads to both sides in the war.

March 26 - Steve Henry will speak on Bridle Bits of the American Civil War, and will discuss the U.S. regulation bits of that era as well as special types utilized by officers and by the Confederate forces.

April 23 - Our April meeting will be at John Billeter’s home in Old Church, where he will host Ron Rigney’s presentation on Civil War Artillery Used in 1862. His friend, Ron Cleveland, will be bringing his original Civil War field piece down from Michigan in support.

May 28 - Our own Ben Greenbaum will present a program on Civil War U.S. Navy Uniforms, Hats and Accoutrements. 

June 25 - Robert Hancock, Director of Collections and Senior Curator for the American Civil War Museum in Richmond, will educate us on how to properly care for different types of Civil War artifacts.

July 23 

August 27 -

September 24 - 


October 22 - 

    (Members are always encouraged to bring in items of interest from their collection!)

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