CVCWCA on Facebook!

Thanks to Robyn Bradshaw and Joyce Hann, the CVCWCA has a Facebook page. Visit us today for up-to-date information, and become a friend!  Go HERE.

CVCWCA Caps & Patches!

Dave Garnett maintains a supply of CVCWCA caps and patches! These have the club logo as shown on this page, which David personally designed some years ago. Cost is $17.00 for hats with patches sewn on. $5.00 for patches alone.  See David at the next meeting!

Upcoming CVCWCA Programs for 2023!

January 24Gary Williams, will speak on Early Relic Hunting and production of replica Belt Plates.

February 28 - Jerry Simmons, New Metal Detector Technology

March 28 - David Malgee, Uniform Items of a Federal Regimental Commander killed in action at   Gettysburg.

April 25 - Jonathan Beasley, Civil War Relics recovered in Maryland.

May 23 - Ran Hundley will speak on The Confederate Secret Service

June 27 - Mini Club Relic Show.  (Our Favorite Relic Night!)  Members are encouraged to    bring items from their collection!  Bring one or one hundred!

July 25 - (No Meeting in July).

August 22 - John Billeter will speak on Cavalry Operations.

September 26 - Ben Greenbaum will speak on the Historic Confederate Section at Oakwood   Cemetery


October 24 - We’ll be heading back to the American Civil War Museum where Chief   Curator Robert Hancock will share some of the very rare artifacts from the Museum’s   vast collection.

November 28 - Tom Hobbs, Relic Hunting in the Richmond Suburbs!

December 26 - (No Meeting in December).

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