(Spring 2006)

For several months during the Spring of 2006, the CVCWCA was given a very special opportunity to recover artifacts over a portion of the New Market Heights Battlefield in eastern Henrico County.  This property was slated for development over the next few years and had it not been for the generosity of the owner and the persistent efforts of several club members, the artifacts would have been lost forever.  The CVCWCA is indeed grateful to the property owner for this memorable experience. 

The photos on this page barely begin to tell the story.  There were around 35 club members that participated over a period of two months and collectively, hundreds of Confederate and Union artifacts were found.  Among the many finds was a rare 100 lb. naval Parrot shell. 

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In answer to the many inquiries..... Yes, there were numerous sightings of the legendary Bigfoot, as he plodded aimlessly through the brush, relentless in his search for nuts and berries.

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